Remnants 2.0 is coming along

For this one, we’re switching characters and moving a few hundred miles east, near the MT/SD border.

Don’t worry, we’ll get back to Seth & Co shortly.


If you’re here ’cause of Remnants and it’s only 60 pages…

You probably want the updated version, which is about 3x as long and includes the next 2 sequels. Amazon has told me they have notified purchasers that an update is available, but if you haven’t received it, you need to enable automatic book updates on your kindle.

  1. Login here:
  2. Click the “settings” tab
  3. Scroll down until you see “automatic book updates”
  4. Toggle it on.

You should then automatically get the latest version of the book when your Kindle is next online.

*this helpful tutorial brought to you by the blank stone wall which is Amazon’s support portal.


Some changes

I’ve decided that The Remnants series doesn’t work so well in monthly, 10k-word installments. So I’ve removed Books 2 & 3 from stores, and instead I am going to bundle 1, 2, & 3 together in Dead Loss. It’s now about 100 pages, which feels like a better value to me. Also, at $1 a pop, sales of the sequels don’t even earn me bus fare. At low price points, Amazon only grants me a 35% royalty, so if you are some sort of math wizard you can calculate however much that gets me from a $1 sale.

I’m uploading a new release as I speak. As soon as it’s approved by Amazon, I’ll request that they push updates to everyone who’s previously downloaded the first edition, and it will still be free.

If you bought the second book (Dead to Rights), you might want to request a refund from Amazon, as its contents are now included in Dead Loss.

The 2nd book is going to be called Dead in Her Tracks, and it’ll be longer too. I expect to have it out by August.

Sorry for the confusion. I’m making this up as I go.



I am launching this thing because I’ve been putting out all these writing projects lately and it occurred to me that I don’t really have an appropriate pretentious author website yet. So if you google me you would probably only find me yelling at household products on twitter: WORST FLOOR WAX EVER!!! @JohnsonWax

Also, WordPress seems like something I should probably know about.

Going to try to write something every few days, because everyone says that’s something you should do. My natural instinct is to be as snarky as possible but that also becomes tedious, so I’m just gonna blurt out whatever I’m doing that day, whether it’s writing-related or something else.

Expect long, dry articles about how to install SSL certificates on Amazon EC2, I guess. Booooo!