Remnants 2 complete

I just hit the “submit” button on Amazon and all the other distributors (B&N, Apple, all the chintzy minor platforms that never, ever sell anything and I don’t know why I bother).

Book 2, “Dead in her Tracks” is complete, and as soon as the cybernetic gatekeepers approve it, it’ll go live and I’ll link it here.

Oh, I made a better cover than the one I shared previously. The old one was actually an edited screenshot from Fallout 4.

Here’s the story behind the cover: I was in New York a month ago and my wife and I stumbled into the Museum of Native Americans, which is just up the street from Battery Park. I saw this thing hanging on a wall and really liked it. It’s a Crow warrior’s shield. A big part of the book takes place on a Crow rez, and the creepy guy on the front is kind of how I imagine a primitive man might draw a zombie. It was owned by a chief by the name of Sore Belly who lived in the early half of the 19th-century.

Speaking of covers, I don’t know how any of you people can buy most other zombie books that I see on Amazon. They almost always have hunky/beautiful people staring raptly back at you through enchanting green eyes with a shotgun slung over their shoulder and a devil-may-care haircut. Whoa, ho! Young Brad Pitt over here is sure gonna kick ass and take names! He definitely is the sort of guy who can field strip a rifle and knows how to knife fight! When I see those covers I’m embarrassed for the author because it looks like they accidentally uploaded his/her private jerk-off fantasy.


Part 2 is a lot more involved than the first. I don’t really expect it to be as well-received because it’s not as purely action-driven as the first, and that’s partly why it took me a lot longer to finish. Also, it isn’t free. But it’s an interesting story, and I hope you like it.

I promise Part 3 (“Dead of Night”) won’t take so long.


Also, I mostly hate social media but I decided I should have a twitter account again: @face_jonathan

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