Odd Tales

A little collection of short stories I wrote in the last couple of years, is now available on Amazon. Buy it here.

Remnants 2 complete

I just hit the “submit” button on Amazon and all the other distributors (B&N, Apple, all the chintzy minor platforms that never, ever sell anything and I don’t know why I bother). Book 2, “Dead in her Tracks” is complete, and as soon as the cybernetic gatekeepers approve it, it’ll go live and I’ll link […]

He’d never finish it, they said…

Boom.   I *think* that’s the cover I’m going to go with, but I’m still not really happy with it. It’ll be on amazon in about a month. It’s a bit of a departure from Part 1. Instead we’re following a parallel story taking place on the other side of Montana from Four Corners and […]

Need more time.

I know I said August 2017 for part 2, and I meant it at the time. I’m mostly done, but now I’m in edit-mode. For me that’s like winning 85% of a battle. And also I need to make a cover. I don’t know – three, four weeks? Stay tuned.

Preview of “Dead in her Tracks”

The woman walked west across the great prairie, following a desolate highway which neither rose nor fell nor turned for three hundred miles; a straight line of pavement bisecting a vast, frozen grassland. From an airplane it would’ve looked like a single dark stitch running over an enormous white cloak; but of course, no one […]

Remnants 2.0 is coming along

For this one, we’re switching characters and moving a few hundred miles east, near the MT/SD border. Don’t worry, we’ll get back to Seth & Co shortly.

If you’re here ’cause of Remnants and it’s only 60 pages…

You probably want the updated version, which is about 3x as long and includes the next 2 sequels. Amazon has told me they have notified purchasers that an update is available, but if you haven’t received it, you need to enable automatic book updates on your kindle. Login here: https://www.amazon.com/mn/dcw/myx.html Click the “settings” tab Scroll […]

Some changes

I’ve decided that The Remnants series doesn’t work so well in monthly, 10k-word installments. So I’ve removed Books 2 & 3 from stores, and instead I am going to bundle 1, 2, & 3 together in Dead Loss. It’s now about 100 pages, which feels like a better value to me. Also, at $1 a […]